Originally from West Point, NY, Dr Sven Kohlmyer completed his veterinary education at the University of Minnesota.  He received his DVM from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2003.   After working at Banfield for 3 years he decided he enjoyed a smaller clinic setting.   He then worked at a 2 doctor clinic in the southwest metro for the next 9 years before purchasing Wayzata Pet Hospital in December of 2015.

Dr Sven enjoys working with all types of pets.  He likes creating a strong relationship with the owner and their pets; guiding them through all stages of life.   Dermatology and preventative care are aspects of veterinary medicine that he particular enjoys.  

Dr Sven is a member of the MVMA, AVMA and likes to support local dog rescues. During the State Fair you can watch Dr Sven performing surgery in the MVMA Surgery Booth.

When not in the office, Dr Sven likes to spend time with his wife, Janel, and their two young kids, Helayna and Finn.   Dr Sven enjoys soccer, cycling, golf and collecting the myriad of "Sven and Ole" jokes that his clients tell him.